New Orleans' Oldest Local Art Gallery – Est. 1976
New Orleans' Oldest Local Art Gallery – Est. 1976
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Myrl D'Arcy

French Quarter Artist

Myrl at Jackson Square 1961

A native New Orleanian of seventh generation Creole and Cajun heritage. Myrl's multi-media artistic skills are evidenced by the body of work bearing her signature, but her passion for art favors her French Quarter and Louisiana Bayou scenes rendered in an oil medium in her unique impressionistic style.

For over 55 years, Myrl has traveled the world and continues to develop her sense of the aesthetic. She has lived and painted in the countries of Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. Her paintings are now collected worldwide. She also enjoys the challenge of commissioned paintings, where her unique style is enhanced in large paintings; these works are often prized as heirlooms due to their timeless quality.

Myrl is a dedicated artist and works in different mediums; however, her preference is oil paintings. Her classic technique involves texture coating of the canvas (or suitable substrate), upon which she then "composes" through pencil sketching (balance and form) followed by brush-work (lighting and depth). Finally a palette-knife (a "pointillism" effect) is employed not only to suggest detail but to further enhance texture and complete the painting.

Myrl's natural ability has been honed by her years of experience, painting in the tradition of the French Impressionists. Her French Quarter Courtyards and New Orleans Street Scenes, as well as her Bayou Scenes of Louisiana reveal both an interest in nature and a skillful ability to catch a fleeting moment through sunlight and color.

With astonishing mastery she can capture the tender and sensuous images of the local flora, or the essence of an architectural feature in a few brush strokes.

The techniques of her painting may be traced to the impressionists, but it bears a highly personal touch revealed by her detailed knowledge of the French Quarter; from its courtyards and lace balconies to the street scenes and local ambiance as seen through the eyes of a native artist. These vignettes of her world truly capture the feel of her native Vieux Carré.

The culture and tradition of Cajun living are reflected in her peaceful, serene, moonlit bayou scenes. On the wild side, Myrl created and introduced the "New Orleans Ladies." These are an inspired series of insightful, bright, contemporary paintings of "Choice" ladies of the French Quarter. Myrl is currently developing a series of abstract works which are truly unique and dimensional. Her ability to visualize subtle shading techniques and then translate this to the canvas has produced a series of paintings which are best described as surreal-impressionist. These works must be seen to be appreciated. This new creative venture is captured in her copyrighted works of whimsical "mi-me's" and "cattails." The style is exclusively Myrl.

In addition to Myrl's fine oil paintings, a series of lithographs are available. A Myrl D'Arcy lithograph is a limited edition of only 500. Each is hand-titled and hand-signed by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity. Prints from 1987 through 1991 are now sold out editions. Hence the market value of these lithographs has greatly appreciated. Artists' proofs are still available for some selections.

Gallery Nine Forty is honored to present Myrl D'Arcy and is sure you will enjoy her art work for many years to come.